Sunday, November 22, 2009


Cool Tiger Owl and Noble Zebra Owl
- the initial idea (red strawberries in October)

As we had a conversation about improvement short ago (with Sweet Loop Owl) each and every Owl of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom asked for some improvement ... between all the others Noble Grey Zebra Owl and Cool Tiger Owl also came to ask ... (maybe you remember - we had a day of bright sunshine in October and Zebra and Tiger went outside and found the last strawberries of the season. They were very excited and soon they came up with an idea of strawberry red scarfs: )

Today both suddenly stood in front of me and sort of "stared" into my face
'And what is this about?' I asked them.
'We think we are on top of the improvement list now'
'aha?' (I tried to give me a somehow innocent look, as if I had no idea what they are talking about)
'You know - improvement?!?' (Cool Tiger Owl - straight forward)
'We would like to ask if you have some time now to discuss our further improvement, please' (Noble Grey Zebra Owl as polite as always and I would have expected nothing else)
'Ah, yes - improvement' (short pause ;-)
'And what exactly would you think of?' I asked them
'Strawberry Red scarfs' (Tiger again - straight forward again)

Expectant looks on their faces ...

'Ok, ok, no problem'

Happy looks on their faces ... :-))

10 minutes later they both had very chic strawberry red scarfs and we had another foto session, all the owls where around, lots of 'aahs' and 'oohs' again and comments about how 'stylish' they look and both have been VERY proud about their improvement. Have a look - they are really handsome guys, aren't they?

Cool Tiger Owl and Noble Zebra Owl
- the improvement (strawberry red scarfs in November)

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