Friday, April 23, 2010

Where do the Bunnies go, when Easter is gone?

The animals of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom did set up the table for dinner on a typical day in April, which has been sunny, stormy, hot, cold, wet and dry on the same day. Just exactly how you would imagine such a day in April.
It wasn't a special occasion, but they always set up their table in style, so they did go for napkins made of beautiful fabric and they put on their orange, white felted napkin rings, decorated with beautiful flowers, when immediately a group of Bunnies jumped onto the table and placed themselves on the napkin rings.
Everyone was supremely surprised about the visitors as no one has seen a Bunny since Easter and together they had a really joyful dinner with lots of laughing and delicious food and lots of carrots for the guests and the Bunnies told easter stories which caused a lot more of laughing and also other funny Bunny stories. They all enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

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