Wednesday, November 4, 2009


... 'are you sure?' he asked and appeared somehow shocked.
'well, yes' I said and had another short look outside the window to double-check if there REALLY is no snow any more (and there isn't any, I'm really SURE! Outside were only our bright orange grinning pumpkin from Halloween and a lot of raindrops).
'but there was some yesterday, wasn't it?'
'yes, there was and it was beautiful'
Noble Grey Zebra Owl seemed very confused and continued to stare out of the window as if he could bring back the snow by the sheer will of his mind.

'Shall we check the other windows, also?' he asked.
'Yes, sure we can, but I doubt that THERE will be snow'
'Won't you say hello our dear readers, Zebra?' I asked
'Well, yes, please write that I give them a very, very warm welcome and that I'm happy that they are here, it's really a pleasure for us to have them here' (Noble Grey Zebra is ALWAYS a very polite and elegant Owl, he had a very noble upbringing)
And he turned around instantly to concentrate on the raindrops and if they maybe will turn to snowflakes again.
I really think if I should go outside and throw a few paper-cuttings in white just to make him think it's snowing and be really happy again ....

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