Monday, November 16, 2009


The Owls of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom had a Weight Contest today. Now everyone is curious who's light and who's heavy. Here are the results (Heavy on top):

'The Green King': 12,85 gram
(lots of heavy
responsibility on his shoulders)

'Blue Grey Joe Owl': 11,75 gram
(loves homemade cookies, tarts, cakes, scones, cream ...)

'Mummy with Kids': Mum: 10,5 gram Kids: 1,75 gram
(Kids alltogether)

'Dancing Owl Princess': 10,5 gram
(will need a strong Prince one day)

'Cool Tiger Owl': 8,0 gram
(cool AND strong)

'Bonsaii with heart': 8,0 gram
(cute Bonsaii jumped onto the scale with her heart)

'Sweet Loop Owl': 7,5 gram
(had an hour of Yoga today)

'Orange Red Heart Pillow Owl': 7,25 gram
(says that she's a lightweight, but the pillow is heavy)

'Noble Grey Zebra Owl': 6,85 gram
(he is never careless about WHAT he is eating)

'Soft and elegant grey Owl': 5,0 gram
(a lightweight between the large Owls in Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom)

'Little Red Heart Pillow Owl': 4,25 gram
(a heavy heart pillow, indeed)

'Brown Owl with Grey Wings': 4,0 gram
(says that she's heavier in Winter, lighter in Summer)

'Red Owl with white heart': 4,0 gram
(Small but compact)

'Leaf Owl': 4,0 gram
(had a small snack a minute before the contest)

'Little orange scarf Owl': 2,25 gram
(the Lightweight)


  1. Lol they are cute and what a fun idea to see who is the heaviest

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  3. Hi Ben & Pam, thanks for your kind comment, the owls have been very pleased about your visit!