Thursday, November 19, 2009


'How would you think about improvement?'
(a small and silent voice from beside me - it's Sweet Loop Owl')
'Which sort of improvement do you think of, Loop Owl?'
'Well, maybe a little sparkle, you know?'
'Ah - you mean a little sparkle ... on yourself?'
'Well yes, maybe, if it's possible and if you can think of something suitable, you know, not too glitzy and nothing that draws too much attention, just a little sparkle, maybe a little color?'
'I'm sure Sweet Loop Owl that we will find something suitable, how do you think about azur blue?'

Bright Smile from shy Loop Owl :-)

Some minutes later we had lots of 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' from the other Owls, when Sweet Loop Owl presented her new, improved look (which also was approved by her closest friends, the very stylish Owls). Now she's got some sparkling azur blue glass beads all over her body and she is very happy. Just have a look:

Meet Sweet Loop Owl in her new look and her friends at


  1. Visiting from the etsy forums. Love how your posts tell a story about your little friends!

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    thanks for your kind comment.
    (And lots of "thanks" and "thank you's" from Bonsaii and her friends!!!)

  3. owls say "thanks" to you, Fiberpuppy (-: