Friday, November 27, 2009

Robins nest discovered

The Owls of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom are often out and around to have a look what's going on. They have been VERY surprised when suddenly they discovered a Robin on his nest.
'Look who is that?'
'Must be a Robin'
'Hello' the little Robin said
'Hello, hello, hello' (lots of hello's from our Owls :-)
'Does he have some eggs in his nest???'
'Yes, seems so, let's ask him if he will show them to us!!'
'Do you have some eggs in your nest?' they asked him - and 'please, please show them to us'
So Robin jumped off the nest to show his eggs, and they absolutely adored the three little blue eggs which looked so perfect and laid warm and cozy in Robins nest. (Robin was a little bit proud as he loved these eggs on his own very much).
They politely said lots of 'thanks' to Robin and promised to soon visit him again and bring some tea and scones, then (-:

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We will keep you updated what happens next with the eggs in Robins nest, stay tuned and follow our blog for more news.

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