Friday, November 27, 2009

Robins nest discovered

The Owls of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom are often out and around to have a look what's going on. They have been VERY surprised when suddenly they discovered a Robin on his nest.
'Look who is that?'
'Must be a Robin'
'Hello' the little Robin said
'Hello, hello, hello' (lots of hello's from our Owls :-)
'Does he have some eggs in his nest???'
'Yes, seems so, let's ask him if he will show them to us!!'
'Do you have some eggs in your nest?' they asked him - and 'please, please show them to us'
So Robin jumped off the nest to show his eggs, and they absolutely adored the three little blue eggs which looked so perfect and laid warm and cozy in Robins nest. (Robin was a little bit proud as he loved these eggs on his own very much).
They politely said lots of 'thanks' to Robin and promised to soon visit him again and bring some tea and scones, then (-:

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We will keep you updated what happens next with the eggs in Robins nest, stay tuned and follow our blog for more news.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Cool Tiger Owl and Noble Zebra Owl
- the initial idea (red strawberries in October)

As we had a conversation about improvement short ago (with Sweet Loop Owl) each and every Owl of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom asked for some improvement ... between all the others Noble Grey Zebra Owl and Cool Tiger Owl also came to ask ... (maybe you remember - we had a day of bright sunshine in October and Zebra and Tiger went outside and found the last strawberries of the season. They were very excited and soon they came up with an idea of strawberry red scarfs: )

Today both suddenly stood in front of me and sort of "stared" into my face
'And what is this about?' I asked them.
'We think we are on top of the improvement list now'
'aha?' (I tried to give me a somehow innocent look, as if I had no idea what they are talking about)
'You know - improvement?!?' (Cool Tiger Owl - straight forward)
'We would like to ask if you have some time now to discuss our further improvement, please' (Noble Grey Zebra Owl as polite as always and I would have expected nothing else)
'Ah, yes - improvement' (short pause ;-)
'And what exactly would you think of?' I asked them
'Strawberry Red scarfs' (Tiger again - straight forward again)

Expectant looks on their faces ...

'Ok, ok, no problem'

Happy looks on their faces ... :-))

10 minutes later they both had very chic strawberry red scarfs and we had another foto session, all the owls where around, lots of 'aahs' and 'oohs' again and comments about how 'stylish' they look and both have been VERY proud about their improvement. Have a look - they are really handsome guys, aren't they?

Cool Tiger Owl and Noble Zebra Owl
- the improvement (strawberry red scarfs in November)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


'How would you think about improvement?'
(a small and silent voice from beside me - it's Sweet Loop Owl')
'Which sort of improvement do you think of, Loop Owl?'
'Well, maybe a little sparkle, you know?'
'Ah - you mean a little sparkle ... on yourself?'
'Well yes, maybe, if it's possible and if you can think of something suitable, you know, not too glitzy and nothing that draws too much attention, just a little sparkle, maybe a little color?'
'I'm sure Sweet Loop Owl that we will find something suitable, how do you think about azur blue?'

Bright Smile from shy Loop Owl :-)

Some minutes later we had lots of 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' from the other Owls, when Sweet Loop Owl presented her new, improved look (which also was approved by her closest friends, the very stylish Owls). Now she's got some sparkling azur blue glass beads all over her body and she is very happy. Just have a look:

Meet Sweet Loop Owl in her new look and her friends at

Monday, November 16, 2009


The Owls of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom had a Weight Contest today. Now everyone is curious who's light and who's heavy. Here are the results (Heavy on top):

'The Green King': 12,85 gram
(lots of heavy
responsibility on his shoulders)

'Blue Grey Joe Owl': 11,75 gram
(loves homemade cookies, tarts, cakes, scones, cream ...)

'Mummy with Kids': Mum: 10,5 gram Kids: 1,75 gram
(Kids alltogether)

'Dancing Owl Princess': 10,5 gram
(will need a strong Prince one day)

'Cool Tiger Owl': 8,0 gram
(cool AND strong)

'Bonsaii with heart': 8,0 gram
(cute Bonsaii jumped onto the scale with her heart)

'Sweet Loop Owl': 7,5 gram
(had an hour of Yoga today)

'Orange Red Heart Pillow Owl': 7,25 gram
(says that she's a lightweight, but the pillow is heavy)

'Noble Grey Zebra Owl': 6,85 gram
(he is never careless about WHAT he is eating)

'Soft and elegant grey Owl': 5,0 gram
(a lightweight between the large Owls in Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom)

'Little Red Heart Pillow Owl': 4,25 gram
(a heavy heart pillow, indeed)

'Brown Owl with Grey Wings': 4,0 gram
(says that she's heavier in Winter, lighter in Summer)

'Red Owl with white heart': 4,0 gram
(Small but compact)

'Leaf Owl': 4,0 gram
(had a small snack a minute before the contest)

'Little orange scarf Owl': 2,25 gram
(the Lightweight)

Monday, November 9, 2009


One of our tiny owls 'Brown Owl with Grey Wings' made it into an Etsy treasury. That is because she loves to decorate herself with flowers, as you can see in the photograph.
'I really love flowers' ... almost a whisper from beside the keyboard, where she sits at the moment (a little bit proud, as she made it into a treasury at Etsy :-)
'We know, dear'
'You know?'
'I especially like violet flowers!'
'And why is that, little Brown Owl?'
'I think the color suits me'
(Lot of 'Ahhs', and 'Yes', and 'Sure it does, little one' from around her (our very stylish Owls are here also), where the whole bunch of Owls sits as they wanted to know if I would catch a treasury and also if one of them would be in the new treasury)
'Who wants to be in the next treasury?'
'Me' 'Me' 'Me' 'Me' 'Me' 'Me' 'Me' 'Me' 'Me' 'Me, please' (that was Grey Zebra Owl, of course, he has such good manners)

Ohh, we really got lots of Owls ;-)

And here is the treasury link:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


... 'are you sure?' he asked and appeared somehow shocked.
'well, yes' I said and had another short look outside the window to double-check if there REALLY is no snow any more (and there isn't any, I'm really SURE! Outside were only our bright orange grinning pumpkin from Halloween and a lot of raindrops).
'but there was some yesterday, wasn't it?'
'yes, there was and it was beautiful'
Noble Grey Zebra Owl seemed very confused and continued to stare out of the window as if he could bring back the snow by the sheer will of his mind.

'Shall we check the other windows, also?' he asked.
'Yes, sure we can, but I doubt that THERE will be snow'
'Won't you say hello our dear readers, Zebra?' I asked
'Well, yes, please write that I give them a very, very warm welcome and that I'm happy that they are here, it's really a pleasure for us to have them here' (Noble Grey Zebra is ALWAYS a very polite and elegant Owl, he had a very noble upbringing)
And he turned around instantly to concentrate on the raindrops and if they maybe will turn to snowflakes again.
I really think if I should go outside and throw a few paper-cuttings in white just to make him think it's snowing and be really happy again ....