Friday, April 23, 2010

Where do the Bunnies go, when Easter is gone?

The animals of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom did set up the table for dinner on a typical day in April, which has been sunny, stormy, hot, cold, wet and dry on the same day. Just exactly how you would imagine such a day in April.
It wasn't a special occasion, but they always set up their table in style, so they did go for napkins made of beautiful fabric and they put on their orange, white felted napkin rings, decorated with beautiful flowers, when immediately a group of Bunnies jumped onto the table and placed themselves on the napkin rings.
Everyone was supremely surprised about the visitors as no one has seen a Bunny since Easter and together they had a really joyful dinner with lots of laughing and delicious food and lots of carrots for the guests and the Bunnies told easter stories which caused a lot more of laughing and also other funny Bunny stories. They all enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The old story of Unicorns and Dragonflies

Unicorn Lily

Unicorn Faye

Unicorn Elvin

It was long, long ago when the resident Dragons decided to move on and told the Unicorns that they would leave.
'And where will you go to?' Elvin, one of the Unicorns, asked.
'We will fly to the grey mountains and meet with other Dragons of our kind' the eldest of the Dragons said.
Elvin asked if they would come back after some time and the Dragon said that they did not know, but it was possible that they would come back one day.

When Elvin looked very sad the Dragon gave each of the three Unicorns a gift of three Dragonflies, and the Dragonflies had the same colors the Dragons had.
The three Unicorns Elvin, Lily and Faye smiled brightly and were truly happy about the generous gift from the Dragons.

When they said their goodbye it was an amazing picture of Unicorns, Dragons and Dragonflies as the sun came out and made the whole party of them glitter in unbelievable beautiful colors.

Then the Dragons promised that they would do their best to come back one day and the Unicorns touched the ground around the Dragons as a blessing for a save journey ...

... and the Dragons took off and since that day, which is long gone, the Dragonflies accompanied the Unicorns and became their closest friends.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loop Owls new friends

A grey day in the middle of February.
Loop Owl looked outside to check if maybe there was a little bit of blue sky visible and in the very same moment the sun came through the clouds and suddenly an amazing azur-blue Dragonfly stood in the air exactly in front of Loop Owls eyes. Dragonflies wing beat was extremely fast and Loop Owl stared at her and was absolutely amazed how the blue Dragonfly could "stand" in the air in front of her.
'Where are you from?" Loop Owl asked and Dragonfly said that they came from the big lake not far away from this place, of which Loop Owl never had heard before. And then four other Dragonflies joined the azur-blue one and they all stood in the air in front of Loop Owl and smiled their brightest smiles.
'Wow you all are so beautiful, hello to you!' Loop Owl said and looked at them with wide eyes. Each Dragonfly had a different color and they all sparkled in the sunlight.
'Hello little Owl, you're very beautiful, too' the Dragonflies said and circled twice around Loop Owl which made her laugh.
'Please would you like to meet my friends from Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom and join us for tea-time?' Loop Owl asked and the Dragonflies smiled even brighter and were happy to join Loop Owl and all the others for a while.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


We wish you a happy Valentines Day with lots of love and hearts!

Bonsaii and all the Owls & Animals in Bonsaiis Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A witch? Must be magic

Discovered by some Owls of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom was a hat of a witch as well as a broom, a black cat and a magical wand.
Everyone was caught by pure excitement when they examined the magical pieces.
The braver ones, such as Cool Tiger Owl even tried the hat on which lead to many "aahhhhs" and "oohhhhs" and much admiration by the lesser brave ones.
'Where do this things came from?' they asked and looked at me.
'They've been left on our doorstep yesterday morning' I told them and stroked the black cat which replied with a sort of magical "meeeowwww" (looked like she enjoyed beeing with us and would not unravel the mystery).
Now each one of them seemed even more excited and the rest of the day they kept staring at the magical pieces and whispering unbelievable stories where all of this may come from.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A tiny whale came along the way

Bonsaii was a little bit surprised when a tiny whale crossed her way.
'Hello, hello, and who are you?' she asked.
'I'm the tiny whale' the tiny whale said with a bright smile.
Bonsaii smiled back and wondered were he came from.
'I come from far, far away, from the big ocean' whale said and kept smiling.
Bonsaii admired his oceanblue beads and then she took him on a round through Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom to introduce him to everyone.
While having a cup of tea and some scones with strawberry jam and cream the tiny whale told them about the big ocean and his journey and everyone was really delighted to hear such amazing stories. Blue Grey Joe said he has seen the Ocean once and there was even more amazement by everyone (Blue Grey Joe still is a mystery, as no one knows how old he is and where he came from).
Finally they all agreed that together they would see the ocean one day and then ...

I felt hundrets of eyes staring at me ...

and ...

I looked to the right, where my husband was sitting ...

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

We are lucky ... there is SNOW

Noble Grey Zebra Owl waited for a very long time and spent hours staring out of the window to check and double-check if it's snowing (as he truly LOVES snow very much and knew that at this time of the year at least we have a chance to see some snow). As you can imagine he was MORE than excited when finally thick flocks of snow came down from above and covered everything in white.
'It's snowing, it's snowing' he screamed and I was really surprised to see him jumping up and down in excitement.
Then he grabbed his scarf and only a few grey feathers where seen, when he rushed outside to jump straight into the snow.
You would not believe it as he is such a noble and elegant owl and never would jump or run, or speak too loud or anything, but the snow made him romp through the garden like a little kid.
All of the Owls gathered in front of the window and stared in disbelieve at Noble Grey Zebra Owl who jumped around outside in the snow (sometimes he could not be seen as he disappeared completely under the snow).

When the first shock about Zebras behavior calmed down, Cool Tiger Owl, Bonsaii and Brownie decided to join Grey Zebra outside in the snow. They put on their scarfs and also jumped outside. All of them had a great afternoon and all the other Owls of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom spent the rest of the day in the warmth behind the window drinking some tea and eating some scones while watching the others playing outside.