Saturday, January 23, 2010

We are lucky ... there is SNOW

Noble Grey Zebra Owl waited for a very long time and spent hours staring out of the window to check and double-check if it's snowing (as he truly LOVES snow very much and knew that at this time of the year at least we have a chance to see some snow). As you can imagine he was MORE than excited when finally thick flocks of snow came down from above and covered everything in white.
'It's snowing, it's snowing' he screamed and I was really surprised to see him jumping up and down in excitement.
Then he grabbed his scarf and only a few grey feathers where seen, when he rushed outside to jump straight into the snow.
You would not believe it as he is such a noble and elegant owl and never would jump or run, or speak too loud or anything, but the snow made him romp through the garden like a little kid.
All of the Owls gathered in front of the window and stared in disbelieve at Noble Grey Zebra Owl who jumped around outside in the snow (sometimes he could not be seen as he disappeared completely under the snow).

When the first shock about Zebras behavior calmed down, Cool Tiger Owl, Bonsaii and Brownie decided to join Grey Zebra outside in the snow. They put on their scarfs and also jumped outside. All of them had a great afternoon and all the other Owls of Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom spent the rest of the day in the warmth behind the window drinking some tea and eating some scones while watching the others playing outside.


  1. What a charming blog! Found you on the Etsy forums :)

  2. Thanks californiablue, we are truly glad you like it :-) Stay tuned for more stories from Bonsaii and her friends.

  3. I adore these little owls. Very sweet. I love all of the little characters your owls have.

  4. these are too cute! love your Etsy shop!!!


  5. this picture is really, really cute!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh...I love little grey zebra owl. Love the stories too!