Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A tiny whale came along the way

Bonsaii was a little bit surprised when a tiny whale crossed her way.
'Hello, hello, and who are you?' she asked.
'I'm the tiny whale' the tiny whale said with a bright smile.
Bonsaii smiled back and wondered were he came from.
'I come from far, far away, from the big ocean' whale said and kept smiling.
Bonsaii admired his oceanblue beads and then she took him on a round through Bonsaiis Owl Kingdom to introduce him to everyone.
While having a cup of tea and some scones with strawberry jam and cream the tiny whale told them about the big ocean and his journey and everyone was really delighted to hear such amazing stories. Blue Grey Joe said he has seen the Ocean once and there was even more amazement by everyone (Blue Grey Joe still is a mystery, as no one knows how old he is and where he came from).
Finally they all agreed that together they would see the ocean one day and then ...

I felt hundrets of eyes staring at me ...

and ...

I looked to the right, where my husband was sitting ...

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  1. This is adorable and I love the story you tell with every piece! Brilliant :)