Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The old story of Unicorns and Dragonflies

Unicorn Lily

Unicorn Faye

Unicorn Elvin

It was long, long ago when the resident Dragons decided to move on and told the Unicorns that they would leave.
'And where will you go to?' Elvin, one of the Unicorns, asked.
'We will fly to the grey mountains and meet with other Dragons of our kind' the eldest of the Dragons said.
Elvin asked if they would come back after some time and the Dragon said that they did not know, but it was possible that they would come back one day.

When Elvin looked very sad the Dragon gave each of the three Unicorns a gift of three Dragonflies, and the Dragonflies had the same colors the Dragons had.
The three Unicorns Elvin, Lily and Faye smiled brightly and were truly happy about the generous gift from the Dragons.

When they said their goodbye it was an amazing picture of Unicorns, Dragons and Dragonflies as the sun came out and made the whole party of them glitter in unbelievable beautiful colors.

Then the Dragons promised that they would do their best to come back one day and the Unicorns touched the ground around the Dragons as a blessing for a save journey ...

... and the Dragons took off and since that day, which is long gone, the Dragonflies accompanied the Unicorns and became their closest friends.

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