Sunday, October 25, 2009


Maybe you already have heard about her -
now here she is: funny little '
Dancing Owl Princess'
'Hello, I'm 'Dancing Owl Princess', I really LOVE to dance. I'm always on the move, hardly beeing able to sit still for a minute, Dancing is FUN (-:

We have been outside today, the whole bunch of owls, it was great fun, the autumn sun was shining beautifully, it was warm and all the leaves are in bright colors already (see me in the middle of some orange-red ones?). 'Cool Tiger Owl' and 'Noble Grey Zebra Owl', some of my closest friends, found the last strawberries of this year, yum, yum (-: We also had some interesting discussions about styles and trends. Well, I have to go, or dance, now, hope to meet you soon again!!! Love from your 'Dancing Owl Princess''

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